Link submission: regulations

Link submissions may not...
  • include more than one link. (Exception: if you are linking to a series with four or less posts over the span of one month.)
  • link to for-profit posts (ie blog sales, sponsored posts.) 
  • link to posts that are not beauty related.
  • link to posts advertising other Link Love or similar communities, or to posts advertising blogs outside of the BBLL community.
Members submitting links in violation of any of the above rules will not be "punished" -- don't fret! However, the links will be disregarded.

A few quick things to note:
  • Giveaway submissions are always featured in the bottom section of the Link Love. Giveaway links are almost always featured, and do count as your link for the week!
  • Submissions must be in standard HTML format.
  • Starred submissions only apply if you have submitted a link for the previous Link Love! If you simply haven't been submitting links and you choose to start up again, this is not grounds for starring your submission.
  • You are not required to submit links each week, but are required to post each Link Love. Submissions are taken on an as-you-wish basis!
  • If your blog fits into category C or is on a temporary hiatus posting twice a week or less, please submit only every other Link Call at maximum.
Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, and thanks for reading and adhering to these rules!